On Monday, July 9, 2012 at 10:37 am, Victim David Flores, Jr. was shot and killed while driving his white Dodge Dakota pickup truck southbound on Figueroa Street from 223rd Street towards 228th Street in Carson, California.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Homicide Bureau at 323-890-5579.

File Number - 012-07319-1623-011.


On Thursday, January 3, 2012 at approximately 7;30 pm Mr. Morales and a friend were walking northbound on Sawtelle Blvd. towards Pearl Street,. Unknown suspects approached on foot and asked them where they were from. Unknown suspect fired numerous times striking him. Mr. Morales died as a result of his injuries.

If you have any information regarding this murder please contact the LAPD West Bureau Homicide Division at 213-382-9470.

Case No 12-08-04130.


On Wednesday, May 19, 2011, at approximately 5:45 PM, Mr. Dominguez was driving his vehicle (2000 black Ford Expedition) northbound on Wilmington Boulevard approaching Pacific Coast Highway. A red colored vehicle (unknown type) drove alongside Mr. Dominguez's vehicle and fired numerous shots into his vehicle. Mr. Dominguez was struck multiple times by gunfire. He was transported to Harbor UCLA Medical Center where he died as a result of his injuries.

The Los Angeles Police Department is requesting your help in identifying the person or persons responsible for this murder. If you know who committed this crime, or if you have any information about the murder, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department immediately. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

LAPD Homicide Detectives - (310) 726-7900, Monday-Friday between 7:00 am and 5:30 pm. During non-business hours and weekends and holidays contact the detective information desk a the 24 hour toll free number 877-LAPD-24-7.

This investigation is filed under DR NO 11-05-01322.


On Saturday, October 13, 2007 at approximately 11:25 p.m. after finishing a full day of work, Daniel got a ride to his cousin's birthday part at his Aunt's house on Blinn Avenue, in Wilmington. His ride dropped him off on the corner of Blinn Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway leaving Daniel to walk a couple of blocks while still wearing his reflective work vest. In the 1400 block of Blinn Avenue, Daniel was approached by his murderer.

His family heard the gun shot and went out front to make sure the children playing in the yard were safe. His cousin was attending medical school so she approached the body lying on the curb to see if she could help before paramedics showed up. His face was covered with blood so she didn't recognize her cousin until she saw his ID. Daniel was transported to UCLA-Harbor General where he died a few hours later. This loving family was robbed of a valuable member that day.

If you have any information regarding this murder, please contact LAPD at 310-726-7887. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Case #07-05-01388.


On October 18, 2001 Dwayne was out riding his bicycle with family & friends. Shortly after 5:30, a car described as a 1980 Chevrolet Caprice, four door sedan with a taxi cab sign attached to the top approached the group in front of 1473 E. Fernrock Street, Carson. Dwayne thought they were looking for directions but couldn't hear what was being said so he moved closer to the vehicle. The passenger in the back seat shot Dwayne in the chest with a shot gun. The driver was described as a black male about 17-20 years old at the time bald and wearing dark clothing. The back seat passenger was described as a dark complexion male with corn rows, also was believed to be range in age from 17 to 20 years old.

Anyone with information should contact Los Angeles County Sheriff Homicide Division at 323-890-5500.

Case #001-13670-1616-011


Both were shot and killed on January 31, 2000 in front of a home located at 747 W. 15th Street, San Pedro, California.

If you know who committed this crime, or if you have any information about the murder, please contact the Los Angeles Police Department at (310) 726-7900.